Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Day With Me At Alaya Spa and Salon!

Hey Dolls!

Last month was a pretty hectic one as I had loads of University work pending, a procrastinator that I am! Stress can really take a toll on us.. I started suffering from very very bad insomnia and developed an intense muscle pain on my right shoulder! Just when the month was about to end I recieved an invitation from Alaya Spa and Salon.. Yes! A good pampering session that claimed to make one reach "a state of mind one experiences right before attaining Nirvana" definitely sounded like what I needed at the moment ^_^

Despite being located amidst the hustle and bustle of PVR Saket, the moment I entered I felt like I was in a different place.. Serene, calm and almost perfect for meditation! The dark wooden interiors with warm candle light flickering through the walls immediately caught my fancy!

I was lucky enough to get to see a wedding makeup session, though I reached towards the end, I managed to take some pictures of these lovelies. I was pretty impressed with the makeup artist as I feel she did quite a good job when it comes to bright, sparkly and colorful wedding makeup! The products she used was also some of my favorite brands like Inglot, Mac, Makeup School etc.. 

How lovely are their dresses! Ah I love Indian weddings ^_^

First of all, I tried Supercharge, their Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment. Delhi's winter and my hair dont get along too well, so this treatment was most welcome! The hair spa specialist was a genius when it came to massaging the scalp and neck! I'm a heavy handed massage kinda girl when it comes to the head, so I asked the Masseur for strong pressure which was kinda loosening and releasing tension from my stiff muscles helping me to relax! 

This was the first time I had tried the brand Moroccan Oil and boy I must say its totally worth all the hype! Inspite of finishing off with about 2-3 pumps of oil, my hair still felt fluffy and voluminous! I'm gonna let the before and after pictures do all the talking here ^_^ I might as well get me some of these goodies like the shampoo and conditioner plus the oil itself once I run out of my current products.

This session costs Rs 1800 + taxes, however it may vary according to the length and volume of hair.

Also I must mention, the one thing I was impressed with most was the personal and constant attention and involvement of the man behind Alaya, Gyurme Tenzing, himself in all the activities happening around the place! He was constantly around, talking to clients and motivating the staff. And just so you know, he also tests and tries the services and products himself, no kidding! Its a uni-sex salon.
So you can be totally assured you're in safe hands ^_*

After this I was led to the foot massage room and as soon as I retired on that huge chair I felt like I could never get up now lol.. It was super comfy! I was given a 30 minutes foot reflexology (which I had also tried before and loved). The soothing background music along with the gentle delicate hands kneading and massaging my feet using specific thumb, finger and hand techniques felt absolutely divine! She was so skillfull that my whole body felt completely relaxed! I can totally see myself getting this session at least once a month ^_^ A good foot massage like this can do wonders to the entire body and its very affordable as well! Definitely recommend this! This session costs Rs.600 for 30 mins and Rs.800 for a 60 mins session.

Just when I thought it had come to an end, to my (wonderful) surprise, I was led upstairs to a whole different world for their signature Traditional Tibetan Kunye massage which claims to help in deep relaxation, neurological problems as well as psychological and emotional imbalances such as anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, insomnia and so on. 

After changing into a bathrobe, I was made to lie on the massage bed. A mixture of aromatic oils were massaged gently using palm and thumb strokes all over my body. Her hands were gentle yet effective, delivering pressure that was just about perfect! Since I was a bit cold she wrapped me up in a towel like a baby! All this along with dim lights, calming aroma and soothing music were the perfect ingredients to make me fall into a deep slumber! After about an hour and half of this blissful session  came to an end with a hot steam bath. This was definitely the cherry on top ^_^
This massage costs Rs. 2200 for 60 minutes and 2800 for a 90 minute session.

I think it was all this pampering along with the lovely Korean herbal tea that made me fall asleep like a baby the moment I stepped into bed that night.. Well then I guess its Goodbye insomnia- Oh hello Alaya ^_^
They also have a very well known international range of facials by Repachage which I am very keen on trying myself as I've heard very good things about it! 
All in all I'm really impressed with Alaya Spa and Salon for delivering excellent high end services that are quite affordable at the same time. Totally recommend it! 



  1. Looks really good! Your hair looks luminous and soft with bounce. :)

  2. Your hair looks so pretty :D I would love to try a dark, relaxed spa like this

  3. Oh wow, that must have been divine! I've got knots in my neck that sorely need attention, I should probably book something. I use Moroccan Oil products, and your hair is gorgeous!

  4. Sounds really rejuvenating! Your hair looks super pretty! Loved ur tour of it :)

  5. Woah your hair looks so gorgeous! :) xx

  6. Your hair looks beautiful <3

  7. your hair in the "after" shot looks absolutely gorgeous!!

  8. Perfect place to relax ! Beautiful girls with fabulous dresses ! :)

  9. Beautiful girls :) And that dress is beautiful :)


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